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Lilly Lake is located 20 miles west of Kenosha on County Road JI (south of Highway 50). The following photos give you a glimpse of our lake.

For photos of the Independence Day parade, see the July 4 page of this Web site.
For photos of the December lighting contest winners, see the the Lighting Contest page.
For photos of the October fall decorating contest, see the Fall Decorating Contest page.
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General views

Lake 1
Courtesy of Paul Lyons
Lake 2 Lake 3
Walk on water
Erin Scannell appearing to walk on water (note nearby raft) after the June, 2000 rains submerged the family pier.
Courtesy of Judy Ryan, August 2001
Courtesy of Judy Ryan, August 2001

Pictures taken from a drone courtesy of Dean Tsitsis:
Drone 1, Drone 2, Drone 4, Drone 6.
On July 30, 2017, several hot-air balloons passed over Lilly Lake. Louke Tsitsis Eitner sent up the family drone and took a stunning picture.


Reflections and rainbows
Panorama (west side)
Reflections in a very still lake, October, 2000
(courtesy of Becky Lee)
Rainbow A
Rainbow B
Fall reflections

Fall Reflections courtesy of Tricia Scannell (September, 2003)

Mute swans on the lake, Fall, 2006, courtesy of Jennifer Reed
Courtesy of Greta Dahl (September, 2009)


Sunrise over the lake

These photos are courtesy of Ardie Monzel.

July, 2000
June, 2001
sunrise Jun 2001
August, 2001
May, 2002
May, 2002
August, 2003
Aug 03
Easter morning, April 4, 2010
Easter sunrise
August, 2011
2011 sunrise


The photos below are courtesy of Heather Gilchrist Kokesh. One of them was a featured photo on the Channel 12 news.

December, 2015
December, 2015
sunrise 2
December, 2015

sunrise 3


Holiday lights: December, 1999, including the solstice moon at its perigee (courtesy of Ardie Monzel).

Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Christmas 3
Bright moon

Scenes from La Salette Shrine Festival of Light (on KD about 1/2 mile south of F):

LaSalette hill
LaSalette angel
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Flood of July 2017

Some views of the July, 2017, flood courtesy of Mark Mullins: flood 1, flood 2, flood 3, flood 4, flood 5, flood 6, flood 7, flood 8, flood 9, flood 10, flood 11, flood12, flood13

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